Teenager Stabbed to Death in High School Classroom

Teenager Stabbed to Death in High School Classroom

A boy was stabbed to death Monday in front of other students by teen-agers who stormed the classroom with bats or clubs, possibly intending to attack another youth, authorities and witnesses said.


Jason Robinson, 16, was stabbed while attending his social studies class at Dartmouth High School when the attack occurred at about 8:20 a.m.


Police arrested three youths, all to be arraigned Tuesday on charges of participating in the killing, said Richard Fabio, a spokesman for the Bristol County district attorney’s office.


Authorities didn’t say whether the three were students at the school.


School officials said the stabbing followed a series of fights over the past few days, including a fistfight at the school earlier Monday.


Some students said Robinson might not have been the intended target.


Chad Robinson, the victim’s older brother, said, ″It was a battle my brother had nothing to do with.″


One student, Taber Sweet, said the attackers came into the class looking for a certain student. Robinson then ″stood up and said, ’Why do you want anything with him?‴ Sweet said. ″And right when he stood up, they stabbed him a few times and ran out of the room.″


The attackers entered the school wielding baseball bats or clubs. When they entered the classroom, the teacher tried to wrestle one of them to the ground, said School Superintendent Arthur Middleton.


Officials said more than two dozen students witnessed the killing. After the attack, about 100 of the school’s 1,100 students left for the day.