ApexZag Defense Commitment

ApexZag is commited to providing you with the latest armor technology at a cost effective price. We believe that protection and peace of mind should be within everyone's reach.

Proven Protection

Our level 3 bulletproof armor shields are proven to protect against the most commonly used rifles and guns used in school incidents. Such as AR-15 rifles and 9mm handguns.

Lightweight Design

Using the latest materials and technology our bulletproof armor inserts weighs only 3 lbs. Providing Level 3 protection while weighing much less than our competitors.

Portable and Removable

Our Level 3 bulletproof armor shields are made of the highest quality polyethylene and contains no metal. Making travel with the shield a breeze and non-intrusive.

Bulletproof Armor Level 3

Our Backpack armor insert Level 3 are tested to NIJ Level 3 standard. Making them capable of stopping the most common rifle and handgun bullets used in school incidents.