It could be a good idea to invest in a bulletproof or plate carrier backpack if you or someone you care about:

spends their day in a school or on a university campus (as a student or staff member)
is a member of the armed forces
works in law enforcement
lives/works in or is travelling to a high-crime area
Anybody in one of these situations could potentially benefit from bulletproof body armor that isn't as pricey, heavy, or conspicuous as a vest (because even a concealable bulletproof vest would be noticed when changing during gym class).

A bulletproof backpack is one of those rare purchases you hope you never need to use, but knowing it's there for worst-case-scenarios can do a lot for you and your loved ones' peace of mind.

No Backpack Armor is truly bulletproof unfortunately. The Backpack Armor that we do offer though ensure that under the proper conditions, they are more than capable of saving your life at the indicated protection level.

Insert this armor panel to a school backpack and enjoy the peace of mind granted by an NIJ Level IIIA ballistic standard. Yes, this bulletproof backpack is what you need to make sure you will feel comfortable, safe and sound whatever craziness might happen.

Ballistic backpacks are a popular product today because of a series of very sad situations that happened not so long ago across the US. Surely, you need protection every minute of the day, so delegate this important duty to some bulletproof backpack that offers serious ballistic protection while remaining lightweight and almost invisible during the course of the day.

Level IIIA and IIIA+ flexible ballistic panels are strong enough to stop most common bullets including 9mm and 44 Magnum - the types of ammo most often sold and thus most likely to take part in incidents - and reliably protect the body of the wearer. At the same time, these school backpack inserts are flexible and lightweight, which means they do not add much to the overall weight of the backpack, at least not so much as to become a concern. The flexibility of the panel allows for better comfort for the wearer whatever age he or she is.

Protection levels are set by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) and indicate what caliber rounds you will be protected against and at which range/velocity. For a more detailed explanation of these protection levels, you can see our article, or visit the NIJ's website here.


As its name implies, soft body armor (NIJ Level II to Level IIIA) are flexible and soft, yet their components can be a lot of times stronger than steel plates. Since it isn’t usually as bulky like hard body armor, it’s more likely worn underneath a uniform, especially for law enforcement officers, or it serves as an addition to a type of gear.

In other cases, soft armor plates can be used instead of hard armor plates to provide users with the highest possible level of protection. Typically, soft body armor is made up of fabric-like materials with high strength level including Twaron, Spectra, Kevlar, and much more. Soft armor may come in numerous forms and shapes, yet it’s often used in incorporation into a bulletproof vest or concealable plate carriers.
Even though soft armor plates are easy to wear and flexible, it isn’t as strong as hard armor plates. Level IIIA soft armor is rated to stop the pistol-caliber ammunition and not rated to provide protection against rifle-caliber shots or armor piercing bullets.

Level IIIA

The most universally recommended body armor plates level that offers protection against most rounds of handguns and shotguns. Level IIIA armor is able to stop magnum rounds from handguns and everything from a .38 Special to a 9mm.


Hard armor plates (NIJ level III to Level IV) are mostly made of ceramic, steel, or polyethylene. Plates are inserted in plate carriers or bullet proof vests.
Plates that are made of ceramic are coated in strong protective material for added strength. Due to the strength qualities, hard armor plates are less pliable and heavier in comparison to soft body armors.
Several users report that it is less comfortable to use and it can get hot once used for a long period of time especially with plate carriers. In spite of a few small drawbacks, hard armor is rated to protect users from high caliber rifle shots and the body armor of choice of law enforcement and military when it comes to tactical situations.

ApexZag Armor backpack plate is engineered with the highest grade of ballistic materials; an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber bound with a resin matrix, to make it a rigid hard stand alone armor system.

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