16-year-old charged with murder of teacher

16-year-old charged with murder of teacher

Murder charges are now filed in the death of John Tyler teacher, Todd Henry. 16-year-old Byron Truvia is accused of stabbing Mr. Henry Wednesday morning inside a special education classroom. Henry was taken to a local hospital, but died from his wounds.

There was a detention hearing held Thursday, where we heard from Byron's attorney. Right now, the suspect is being kept in a separate area from the other juveniles at the Smith County Juvenile Attention Center. He's been charged with murder. Officials say the investigation into this stabbing death is ongoing, and there are still plenty of questions. Authorities say Byron Truvia has been inside the Juvenile Attention Center since Wednesday afternoon. How long he will remain here is still uncertain.

"He could be certified...as an adult to stand trial as an adult...since he's over 15 years old and this is a serious felony charge," said Nelson Downing, with Smith County Juvenile Services.

Sources tell us, Truvia used a kitchen knife to stab special education teacher, Todd Henry, in the chest, piercing his heart.

"He's committed a serious offense, no question about that," said Downing. "There will be, potentially, some type of punishment."

Jim Huggler, Truvia's attorney, spoke to us shortly after Thursday's detention hearing, which was an emotional experience for the young man's family.

"It'll be a lengthy investigation by law enforcement and district attorney's office," said Huggler. "They will have to file a petition in juvenile court...that'll determine where we go with this case."

Also, still to be determined: What drove this student to attack his teacher? TISD Superintendent Dr. Randy Reid held another press conference Thursday, emphasizing again, the attack was unprovoked and came without warning.

"We will, again, go through an ongoing, continuing look at this to see if there was a circumstance there that we could have pulled on to try to avoid this issue," said Reid. "At this point, I don't see anything, and we have not found a single clue as to why."

"What we're dealing with is a young man who is mentally disturbed...has a lengthy history of mental illness...it's just a bad, horrible situation...for everyone involved," said Huggler.

There will be another detention hearing in 10 days. It is still unknown when the certification hearing will take place to determine whether Truvia is tried as an juvenile or as an adult. The case is being referred to the Smith County DA's office for prosecution.